Turnbuckle Sandwich Ep 3 – Pipe + Knee = Pain


Ole Olafson

Vilaseraptor and The Unforgiven prepping for the podcast

Adin Velasevic - Producer/Co-Host and Humberto Arredando - Producer/Co-Host

This week on Turnbuckle Sandwich, Velesarapter and The Unforgiven recap the NXT invasion of both RAW and Smackdown on the “Opening Bell”.

The “Wednesday Night Warfare” continues with AEW’s Dynamite go home show before the “Full Gear” PPV and NXT has to deal with the repercussion of invading the main roster as they prepare for “War Games”.

In “No Disqualifications” we announce the winner of the Crown Jewel, in Saudi Arabia PPV as well as make our predictions for “Full Gear”.