Santa Claus’ celebrity remains unmatched

Santa is a legendary figure whose history stretches back many Christmases ago

Olivia Aboui, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

For centuries, Santa Claus – Father Christmas, Saint Nick – always belonged to the celebration of Christmas. A legendary character adored by children, he is the figure who, as the story goes, distributes gifts during Christmas Eve and into the early hours of Christmas Day. Even in 2015, Santa Claus remains important to many.
Very often perceived like a legend, Santa Claus constantly nourished the imaginary world of the children and this idea of him spreads the feeling of sharing among children. But who is this mystical character often described as an old man with the long white beard, the bonnet of fur and the red outfit?
“The tradition of Father Christmas draws his origins in Northern Europe,” Father Luc of the Lady of Perpetua Catholic Church said. “But, it is in the United States that it was popularized at the 19th century.”

Father Luc further explained Santa in an historical context and what his original perception was.
“If in Europe, the Christians always exchanged small presents for a long time on Christmas evening in honor of the birth of Christ, they avoided Santa Claus for a long time because it represented for them, the double pressure of the commercial world and those who wish to celebrate Christmas without religious membership,” Father Luc said.
This emblematic figure related to Christmas is still famous today. Actually, children are still amazed with the idea of this magical old man who comes on Christmas Eve to bring them gifts.
“My daughter Haylie is seven and a huge fan of Santa Claus,” Jane Thomas, a seller at Macy’s, said. “Since last month, she has already written him twice. Children love him and I don’t think that this phenomenon will ever change. He’s part of their childhood.”

Santa Claus is still the most popular old man of the Occidental culture. Time goes by but every Christmas, children are always excited to get a visit from their “favorite” friend of the year.