Northeast Valley News

Refuting Australianisums

Louis Baker, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

December 8, 2016

Louis Baker refutes American stereotypes of Australians

SCC faculty member offers insights on DAPL protests

Garrett Glynn, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

December 8, 2016

Garrett Glynn interviews Michael Little Crow, math professor at Scottsdale Community College about the recent developments of the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. ...

Center for Native and Urban Wildlife at SCC

Julian Howay, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

December 8, 2016

Julian Howay sits down with Edward Weigand from CNUW club on Scottsdale Community College campus and discussed how people can effect wildlife to almost extinction ...

SCC library reopens after more than three years

The SCC library finished reconstruction and reopened in August.

Olivia Aboui, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

October 4, 2016

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