Sportscasting jobs available for those who get creative

Brian Palm

How can an aspiring sports broadcaster use nontraditional approaches to break into the business without an expensive degree? The sportscasting industry is very competitive. To make matters worse, Education...  Read More »

Some Mexican citizens stand up for murdered students

Samantha Hernandez

How can 43 people just disappear? It turns out in Mexico it can happen quite easily. According to Mexico’s...  Read More »

Obama offers work permits to undocumented immigrants

Francisco Dominguez

On Nov. 20 a historical announcement was made, one that could potentially impact the lives of 5 million people on American soil. On that day, President Barack Obama addressed the nation from the White House to announce...  Read More »

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Artichokes lose Valley of the Sun Bowl

Nicholas Tirella, Reporter

In a heartbreak loss, the Fighting Artichokes lost to Nassau CC Lions 34-27. It was a battle in the first half as neither team backed down. But the second half, Nassau started to bring the heat, with two quick scores that...  Read More »

Artichokes prepare for bowl game

Playoff Committee Football

2014 College Football ushers in new playoff system

Turf fields can cause incalculable harm

Arizona Yacht Club leads sailboat revival

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Brain vs. Brawn: Who’s better in the broadcasting booth?

Lauren Peterson, Staff writer

Sports are one of the few things on this planet that can unite a nation, captivate an audience, and penetrate one’s soul to the deepest of depths. In every sporting event there is a story to be told...  Read More »

Some Mexican citizens stand up for murdered students

Tip ‘n Split provides diners with a whole new experience

Obama renews ‘net neutrality’ debate

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