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Scottsdale School of Film + Theatre, Orange Theatre present “Ida”

Ole Olafson, Senior Audio Producer, Scottsdale Chronicle

The Scottsdale School of Film + Theatre is experimenting for the first time with a performance form known as “devised theatre.” Students from SCC’s Scottsdale School...  Read More »

Danny Brown brings ‘The Exhibition 2016’ tour to Crescent Ballroom

Connor Dziawura, Editor-in-Chief, Puma Press

Five years after reinventing his sound and introducing the world to his experimental take on hip-hop with 2011s "XXX," Danny Brown released "Atrocity Exhibition," an album...  Read More »

TOBACCO gets weird at Crescent Ballroom

“XCOM 2”: Destined to fail

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Grand Canyon features a variety of locations to visit this fall

Carolyn Cuevas, Travel Editor, Puma Press

The Grand Canyon is one of the many wonderful places Arizona has to offer. Now is one of the coolest times of the year, both figuratively and literally, to stop by and explore...  Read More »

Downtown Tempe offers a variety of restaurants and hot spots for different foods

Carolyn Cuevas, Travel Editor, Puma Press

Whether you live in the city of Tempe or you’re just stopping by, there are plenty of opportunities for easy and tasty meals. Depending on your preference, fast paced or ...  Read More »

Deutschland is headed to Tempe

Groove to local talent, feel inspired, check out JAM Festival this weekend

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October’s Pink Warriors

Tayyaba Siddiqui, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, when people focus on battling the disease, supporting the survivors and honoring those who have lost their fight. Breast cancer is the most common disease among women,...  Read More »

SCC international students enthusiastic about presidential election

Julian Howay, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

The United States presidential election campaign is a long and tiring process that started way back in 2015 but will now come to an end when the American public casts their votes for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump on Nov....  Read More »

‘Creepy clown’ sightings reported across country

Heidi Wagenbach, Reporter, Puma Press

Apparently, children’s fears of clowns are becoming a reality. In several states, such as Alabama, Georgia, Maryland and Ohio, people are claiming that clowns are involved in sketchy activities like targeting children,...  Read More »

The fear and fortune of automation

Austin Bell, Technology Editor, Puma Press

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” a quote by the polymath Leonardo Da Vinci, is what the human race embodies. For as long as we have been on this planet we have made great inventions not to prove a point, but to u...  Read More »

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Young prospects flash talent in Arizona Fall League

Louis Baker and Nicholas Tirella

The Arizona Fall League began Oct. 11 as elite minor leaguers around the country assembled to showcase their talents and prepare for the 2017 Major and Minor League Baseball seasons. For 24 years, the Arizona Fall League...  Read More »

Arizona Coyotes hope to fill arena this season

Garrett Glynn and Nicholas Tirella

On Oct. 15, the Coyotes hosted the Philadelphia Flyers to open the 2016-17 NHL season, and they hope to play many home games to a sold-out crowd. The Coyotes plan to combine their stable of young talent with the veteran...  Read More »

Cardinals look to get over the hump despite slow start

Garrett Glynn and Jeremy Beren

After a successful offseason, the Cardinals are trying to improve upon last year's franchise-record 13-win season, in which they claimed the NFC West title and appeared in the NFC Championship game. However, a surprising...  Read More »

Coyotes hire first female coach in NHL history

Garrett Glynn, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

In a monumental move, the Coyotes announced on Aug. 24 the hiring of skating coach Dawn Braid, the first ever full-time female coach in NHL history.  This news comes in the wake of the January announcement that the Buffalo...  Read More »

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The student news site of Scottsdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College.
The student news site of Scottsdale Community College and Paradise Valley Community College.