The Outdoor Adventure Club encourages SCC students to “get out” and experience nature


Holly Clifford

Holly Clifford, Reporter

The Outdoor Adventure club at Scottsdale Community College provides opportunities for all full and part time students to get outside, explore and discover mother nature. spoke with David Brown, the club advisor, about the various ways they cater to student requests about outdoor destinations—and some of the requests have included hiking trips, kayaking, horseback riding and biking, camping.

“Getting outside is good psychologically and can help with stress,” Brown said.

During club meetings, the participants play games and plan future outdoor activities.

One trip that is in the works—and scheduled for the 2019 spring break—is Chaco Canyon, a historical park located in New Mexico.

There is no cost to join the club. Some trips, depending on the activity, may cost out of pocket but for most outdoor activities—no cost is involved.

When the club goes on trips, they reserve a school van so students won’t have to pay for transportation.

“The club does have a minimal club budget that generally is enough to pay for the entrance fees to national park or state park, and enough to pay for a campground camping fee,” Brown said.

In some cases, the Outdoor Adventure club may also provide needed equipment like backpacks, sleeping bags and tents that club members may use on the trips.

SCC student and club president, Jack Blegen was happy to share his favorite activity since joining the club.

“We hiked the Lava tubes, and that was probably my favorite,” Blegan said.

The Lava tubes, located in Flagstaff features natural tubes that were formed through flowing lava and a volcanic vent. It is a mile-long tunnel and remains a fascinating destination for “all those brave enough to explore it”—the Lava Tubes was one of the places the club explored last semester.

In addition to the outdoor experiences, students meet new friends as they discuss over the outdoors.

“We’re inside too much, we’re connected to technology may be too much and so this time of year is a great time to be out on a hike, before the hot summer comes and when it’s just too hot to be outside. While the rest of the country is frozen, and real cold, here in Arizona, boy we’re just in the best place around right now in the winter time,” Brown said.

If you’re interested in discovering some gems of nature—you may want to visit the Outdoor Adventure Club. They meet on Tuesday’s at 5 p.m. in PE room 137.