Candytopia Makes its way to the Valley


Sikia Meza

Lolipops displayed

Sikia Meza, Reporter

Candytopia is freshly open for many with a sweet tooth at Scottsdale Quarter, it will later make its way across America.

This pop-up museum features a variety of rooms where furniture and walls expose candy in every corner and where art made of candy is displayed with a bonus feature, very important element, free candy to take as a souvenir. 

Whitney Wilkes, brand ambassador of Candytopia spoke to Northeast Valley News about a more in-depth inside look.

“Candytopia is an interactive experience when as soon as you walk in you’re interacting with,” Wilkes said. “From taking pictures

to drowning in chocolate waterfalls, to diving into marshmallow pits, to getting blasted by confetti”

Some of the themes of the rooms include a jungle-themed room with a tiger sculpture made of candy, an art gallery where one can see a portrait of Jakie Sorkin, the founder of Candytopia, where she is under the sea with a shark that is made of nothing but blue and white Albanese gummy bears, black laces, and pink lemonade belts.

The show stopper is the 300,000 marshmallows in a pit where diving is obligatory.

Every room is made to be interactive and fun for the whole family.

Lean Fran spoke to Northeast Valley News about her experience.

“There is a lot of fun games you can play for kids and adults. It is just super fun for everyone,” Fran said.

This new attraction will be open until December 29th and if you need to reserve tickets visit their website.