A unique experience at Century Grand


Sikia Meza

Cocktail from Century Grand

Sikia Meza , Reporter

Century Grand is located in Arcadia where it features timeless, vintage aesthetics in modern restaurants at the heart of the valley.

Platform 18 is a themed train with specific cocktail experience with screens around this train and a 90-minute journey that takes one to the mountains, snow, lakes, and rivers.

Cody Jackson spoke to Northeast Valley News about what he thinks of Century Grand and the difference from other restaurants.

“I definitely love this restaurant as well as the bar because this is very different from other places, and I’ve never been so amazed” Jackson commented.

Servers immediately greet one with a complimentary glass of champagne and inside of platform 18 everything is 1920’s themed. Not only does platform 18 carry lavish cocktails but also included in this menu is alcoholic ice cream.

Rebecca Grant spoke to Northeast Valley News about how she found out of this facility and thoughts and reactions on Platform 18.

“I found out about it through a close friend. I thought it was a different experience. It has a 1920s vibe which makes it stand out more than any other restaurant or bar. I love their overall ambiance to the music they played as well as the train you experience” Grant commented. 

Greyhen also is in this facility and it is an educational sip on with unique liquor interactions. Not only does one get to review different liquors but if one likes them then they may purchase the specific liquor. Of course for all of the different rooms, one has to be 21+ to enter and be able to experience such luxurious.

Reservations are recommended to save a seat on the train or to save a seat in the Century Grand dining room but walk-ins are available. For more information or to make reservations visit their website.