Movies with lead women earn more money

Tab Sylvester, A&E Editor

It’s really no surprise that female-led films make more money than any other film that presents a strong role for a male. For one, women are hot and more appealing to look at than men. And two, strong parts made for men in films is simply a cliché and overrated.

This debacle arose when Marcus James Dixon wrote an editorial for online showbiz buzz website, the Gold Derby, addressing Cate Blanchett and how “films with women at the center don’t make money.” He was referring to Blanchett’s speech at the Oscars when she mentioned that female-led films earn money and audiences do actually want to see them.

According to the popular entertainment website,, “In fact, a look at the 100 highest-earning movies of 2013 reveals that movies with a female protagonist earned 20 percent more on average than movies with a male protagonist. The numbers break down to $116 million on average for female-led movies and $97 million on average for male-led ones.”

My theory is that Hollywood is still consumed and controlled by a large male force. And when it’s men who run the show behind the scenes, then we’re only seeing one perspective compared to if more women ran more of what we were viewing on our TV screens. Slowly, but surely, more roles in the film industry are being opened up towards women.

I believe that female-led films make more money than your average action packed sequel remake ‘whatever’ because more roles are being written for women that portrays them as something other than a submissive wife or a boring secretary. Currently, more roles are written for women that portray females as strong and independent yet loving and caring. You’re seeing all sides of how a woman can be rather than just what most men want to see – submissive and no brain to think for themselves.

Also, it goes without saying that these actresses who play these roles give younger audiences someone to look up too. They’re teaching these young girls that just because women are strong and independent doesn’t mean that they’re a “prude” and just because women like to show some skin and have fun, it doesn’t make them a “slut.”

We live in a society that is constantly changing and evolving around us, so it’s about time we shut down gender roles for all.