Phoenix Rising defeats Orange County Soccer Club in front of sell-out home crowd


Cynthia Tapia

Rising fans stand together for our National Anthem before Friday’s game

Cynthia Tapia, Reporter

The Phoenix Rising Defeated the Orange County Soccer Club 1-0 Friday night in Tempe to remain in top 2 in conference.

The Phoenix Rising hosted the Orange County Soccer Club on Friday night in Tempe with a record attendance and ended the match with a (10-3-5) showing.

The match began with intense midfielder, Solomon Asante, who was ready to put Rising on the board with a perfect goal set up, but the shot went right and missed the goal.

The Rising’s momentum wasn’t quashed and moments after the first attempt Rising forward, Chris Cortez, assisted by midfielder, Kevon Lambert went with a successful hit on the volley for a direct shot and the first goal of the match for Rising.

Rising fans reacted loudly as Cortez produced back-to-back goals— but his position on the field resulted in an off sides call and did not count.

Cortez had another opportunity to score down the middle of the field but it was defended by Orange County goalie.

Orange County was ready to get on the board when defender, Kody Wakasa, was given a straight red card and sent off the field for denying a clear scoring opportunity from the opponent.

Wakasa was ejected from the match for the remainder of the game, but Rising’s spirit was hopeful at the ending of the first half.

Cortez talked about playing a man down after his teammate was ejected.

“I think the most important thing was being organized and disciplined first,” Cortez said.

During second half play Asante was given a yellow card for disagreement with the ref on a play and another given for a late challenge to defender, Mike Da Fonte.

Woszczynski blocked another attempt from Orange County to stop a tie and for a total of 3 for the game setting two club records for 466 consecutive minutes and 5 straight clean sheets.

Woszcynzki recalled the motivation behind his new record.

“Feels good ya know, defense we all talked about it, going the whole month of June without a goal scored against us is incredible.”

The match ended with a victory for Rising and securing their 2nd place standing in the B Group Club.

Coach Shantz talked about his team’s performance.

“I’m not worried about them being motivated, our goal is to be on top of the league and we’re still not there yet, we still got some work to do but results like this are pretty important.”