A firsthand CrossFit training experience


Tyler Buckland

20nineteen CrossFit

Timothy Slone, Reporter

CrossFit is a high-intensity program that involves elements from several sports and types of fitness regiments. People across the globe compete and participate CrossFit with 13,000 gyms in over than 120 different countries.

CrossFit is constructed combining strength and cardio workouts and the different workouts are done at an intense level.

CrossFit is growing worldwide, people train constantly like any other sport to compete at a high level as the CrossFit games are the pinnacle for athletes of to show off their hard work and skills.

To have a better perspective on the sport— this reporter attended a CrossFit class.

The class was like any regular class and there were no pro CrossFit athletes in attendance but there were plenty of experienced members. As a collegiate athlete, I’m used to working out, so going into the workout I wasn’t particularly worried about how intense if might be.

Perhaps the worst part…beginning at 5:45a.m.

We started with some light ab workouts to get us warmed up-it was tough, but didn’t last too long.

After ten minutes of abs we dove straight into the workout with weighted lunges, 30 box jumps, 20 wall balls and ten handstand pushups. There were four sets of each and 30 minutes to complete.

Admittedly, I was a little cocky going in and thought that because I was an athlete it would be a piece of cake.

Not the case.

I was gassed, I was exhausted, and I was weak by the second set of the workout—this was definitely something my body had never been through as I was forced to use all my strength and my endurance.

I finished the workout in twenty-eight minutes and forty-five seconds almost a minute before the time was up.

Upon leaving, my legs felt like noodles and weak.

The CrossFit workout was one of the toughest I’ve been through and I would definitely recommend the class to anyone who believes they are in shape and strong

CrossFit training will definitely test physical and mental endurance.

This is likely not the kind of training that one should just jump into without having attained some pretty good physical conditioning first-and seeking the advice of a medical professional.