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Festival Season Kicks off in Arizona with the State Fair

View of the ferris wheel at the Sate Fair

Moriah Hubbard, Entertainment Editor/SCC

October 14, 2017

Nishikawa Ramen offers authentic cuisine at affordable price

Marissa Johnson, Video & Social Media Editor, Scottsdale Chronicle

October 13, 2016

Here in Arizona, it is rare how many real ramen places there are. Newly-opened Nishikawa Ramen, located at 1909 East Ray Road (the corner of Ray and Cooper), wants people to know what authentic ramen tastes like. According to their website, the broth is broiled for twenty hours a...

SCC culinary school offers top value in the field

Cody Achin, A&E Editor, Scottsdale Chronicle

September 29, 2016

Students get to create gourmet dishes - at a fraction of the cost

Dining with Denise: MOD Pizza

MOD's vegan pizza.

Denise Elfenbein, Reporter, Scottsdale Chronicle

December 27, 2015

Dining with Denise: Flower Child in Phoenix

Denise Elfenbein, Photo Editor

November 15, 2015

My health foodie companion and I cruised over in our Vee Dub bus after a killer yoga sesh.  Feeling ripe and  hungry, our bellies craved "Healthy Food for a Happy World." Although you don't have to be a hippie to eat at Flower...

Gluten Free Creations Bakery proves to be a big hit

Denise Elfenbein, Photo Editor

October 30, 2015

Whether you have Celiac disease, food sensitivities or just want to avoid wheat and gluten, Gluten Free Creations Bakery is for you. Lynn Rae Reis began this business 15 years ago in her home because she has Celiac disease. Voted...

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