Tucson Roadrunners let lead slip away in 3-2 loss to Stockton Heat


Sarah Hall/SCC

Opening Face-off between the Tucson Roadrunners and Stockton Heat at Tucson Arena

Sarah Hall, Reporter

In a town far, far away the Tucson Roadrunners hosted the Stockton Heat at Tucson Arena for Star Wars night. The Force (the Roadrunners) started out on top, but the Dark Side (the Heat) managed to grab the victory from their hands.

Roadrunners score at 11:17, 23 seconds into the power play. Adam Helewka tapped in a cross-crease pass from Kyle Capobianco and Nick Merkley. Roadrunners broke through first and score, 1-0.

Stockton Heat’s Tyler Parsons’ had a save sequence 12 minutes into the game, stopping three shots point blank. The Roadrunners then applied pressure again, one minute later, causing an almost goal against the Heat. Parsons barely making the save with the help of the post of the net, the goal light went off, but no goal was scored.

Miska made two game-saving saves about five minutes into the second period.  At 6:31 into the period Lane Pederson scores assisted by Capobianco after extended pressure in the Heat’s zone stretching the score to 2-0.

Matthew Phillips of the Stockton Heat got in behind the defense, who made a bad pinch, came one-on-one with Miska, scoring clean, 2-1 Roadrunners.

Eight seconds into the third period, Matthew Phillips was able to break in and away on Miska, sending it five-hole, tying the game up 2-2.

The Heat got a break in the third period as the Roadrunners Lane Pederson took a penalty, they scored 2:42 into the period, just 55 seconds into their power play, 3-2 Stockton.

The team was able to restrict the Heat to five shots on goal in the third period. Throughout the third period, the Roadrunners peppered Parsons with 16 shots but were unable to get anything past him. This was the first time this season the Roadrunners lost after leading by two goals at home.

“That was a good goalie. He caught some fire… He was feeling good,” Said defenseman Kyle Capobianco after the game, speaking about Heat goaltender Tyler Parsons.

“We just couldn’t get it past him.”