Chandler International Film Festival showcases global perspective


Mita Andary/SCC

Image from one of the films submitted at Chandler International Film Festival

Mita Andary, Reporter

The weeklong Chandler International Film Festival (CIFF) ended on Jan. 21 but not before selecting 150 films as finalists out of over 1000 submissions received from 54 countries around the world.

CIFF offers 24 categories in various genres. Countries represented this year with film submission included: Canada, Costa Rica, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Ireland, Georgia, China, France, Sweden and Finland, to name a few.

The goal of this growing festival is to encourage emerging movie makers to produce their best by recognizing and honoring their work and to create opportunities for them to grow through networking, publicity and distribution.

CIFF began in 2017 and was initiated by Mitesh Patel, the Founder & Festival Director. Patel explained that the talent here needed a place to be showcased.

“I was in Los Angeles before and I moved to Chandler, to get the better schooling, so we moved here and it’s a very good city but I didn’t see anything with the film, so I thought that let me start with the Festival and that I started, and I see people love it,” Patel said.

CIFF offered film in 13 venues throughout downtown Chandler.

Patel was interested in offering Arizona filmmakers a place to showcase and companies interested in the resources, equipment, studios, distributors, production houses and services…and all right here.

For Filmmakers and moviegoers interested in submitting film or attending—the CIFF team begins receiving film submission in February.

For more information visit Chandler International Film Festival website