Wisconsin golfer moves to Arizona, joins SCC golf team to pursue PGA goal


Michael Russell

Reiser drains a putt at Scottsdale Invitational.

Michael Russell, Reporter

Zachary Reiser is not your ordinary golfer.

Most golfers don’t start their day getting up at 5 a.m. for a 6 a.m. workout.

Then again most golfers don’t share Reiser’s lofty goal—that of playing on the PGA tour.

Reiser is from Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

“You maybe have two good months of golf weather in Wisconsin,” Reiser said. “I remember playing many tournaments in very cold, windy conditions and on several occasions in the snow.”

Reiser played his high school golf at Arrowhead High. In Reiser’s junior year, he helped lead Arrowhead to the Wisconsin state championship. That team came in first place every tournament they played that entire season, except for a lone second. 

Reiser’s favorite golfer is Rory McIlroy, who Reiser remembers watching win the 2014 PGA championship on television.

A watershed moment for Reiser was when the U.S. Open came to Erin Hills golf course in Wisconsin in June 2017. Reiser volunteered for that tournament and among his jobs was being a standard bearer keeping score and getting to follow McIlroy and the other pros around the course.

Reiser also got an invaluable learning experience watching the pros practice sessions. “It was great being inside the ropes for the practice rounds.” said Reiser “I could see how they prepare.”

After high school, Reiser looked over several options. He felt that Scottsdale Community College and coach Dersam gave him the best opportunity to improve his game. Of course, the year-round golf weather was part of the draw for him. 

“I go to the gym at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday and I work with trainers for about an hour,” Reiser said. “Then after breakfast, I go to the golf course six days a week. Two or three of those days I’m meeting my golf coach there and we work on a bunch of things.”

When not competing in college tournaments with the SCC golf team, Reiser competes on the Outlaw Tour, a pro golf tour here in the southwest. To retain his amateur status he forgoes the prize money.

“It’s a great learning experience playing against older players and professionals,” Reiser said. “I love to compete and stay extra sharp.”

SCC hosted the Scottsdale Invitational on March 25, 26. Reiser led SCC in birdies with nine over the two rounds, including four in a row at one point. However, he was not satisfied with his play and is always looking to improve his game.

Coach Dersam had to deal with multiple injuries during the tournament. The team finished in 6th place and leading SCC in scoring for the tournament was Freshman Mathew Creighton at +5. SCC’s lowest single rounds of the week were shot by Creighton (71) and Reiser (72). Full scores are at Golfstat