‘Baseball Day Arizona’ with FOX Sports Arizona and the Diamondbacks, to air a full day of baseball and softball coverage from high school to college to D-backs


Jesse Tannous, Reporter

On Saturday, April 13, FOX Sports Arizona and the Arizona Diamondbacks will join together for a “first of its kind” celebration of baseball and softball programming in Arizona, called “Baseball Day Arizona.”

FOX Sports Arizona will provide 24 hours of coverage beginning at 12 a.m. and will feature three-game telecasts to include high school baseball, NCAA softball and Major League Baseball as well live shows with special guests from Chase Field.

Commentary and coverage of both baseball and softball and its importance to Arizona youth, high school, college and professional play will be unprecedented.

Both sports have deep roots in Arizona and the full day platform will give fans a rare treat through the luxury of time and in order to cover many of the highlights, trivia and hidden “gems” of both sports that are scattered throughout the Grand Canyon State.

Longtime Arizona sports broadcaster, Todd Walsh, is one of several hosts that will take viewers on the full day journey that is all things baseball and softball.

“We are thrilled to be putting this day together, it’s a true labor of love,” Walsh said.

“Baseball can be traced all the way back to mining towns in this state! We have so many stories to tell. I am so pleased to be able to have this long platform to air a high school game as well as the University of Arizona and Grand Canyon University softball games and of course, Diamondbacks baseball,” Walsh said.

The full programming schedule can be found here.