Artie’s FIT Market provides some needed grocery help for SCC students


Holly Clifford

Arties Fit Market Scottsdale Community College

Holly Clifford, Reporter

Artie’s FIT Market is a new organization at Scottsdale Community College and is available for SCC students who may not be able to afford groceries.

Northeast Valley News spoke with Robert Martin, the market’s team leader and Hannah Emery, an organizer for Artie’s FIT Market.

To qualify, a student must be enrolled in one credit minimum.

Artie’s FIT Market does not ask for any personal financial information—students simply come in with a need and they receive $20 in “Artie” bucks for the week.

“They have to choose foods from each of the five main food groups. So they have to select vegetables, protein, grains, fruit, and dairy,” Martin said.

Students cannot take over $20 worth of food items, but they can take less, the pantry has shelves filled with food and the students select.

“It wouldn’t be a college food pantry without some of the college student staples, such as ramen and Pop Tarts,” Martin said.

Artie’s FIT Market isn’t only offering food; they are currently growing a supply of hygiene items as well in order to provide the type of support for students who may be living out of their cars, or the ones who simply cannot afford hygiene products. So far, the market offers basic hygiene products such as shampoo and soap.

Another project in the works is starting a garden in the fall.

“Hopefully we’ll be able to have some of the more Arizona native plants, vegetables, and fruits growing in our garden,” Emery said.

The market tries to the best of their ability to protect student privacy and wants the market to be comfortable place for students to go.

Sometimes, asking for help is looked down upon or there may be other reasons why students have a difficult time asking for help.

Martin has found personal fulfillment through helping students and the market has received a great response by means of donations and people’s willingness to help.

“I want to help you—if you’re the hungry student, I just want to help you. Please let me help you. I got so much food in there and you’re going to feel better and your brain is going to work better,” Martin said.

College students have a lot to worry about and being hungry and not having access to food should not be one of them. Just knowing that there is a way to get healthy food on campus, within a non-judgmental environment can offer some relief.

Arties Fit Market is located at the counseling services in the student center.