Joe Biden, is seen as the moderate among opponents, but many believe may have best chance to oust Trump


Marc Nozell (Flickr)

Democratic Presidential candidate Joseph R. Biden on campaign trail

Jesse Tannous, Reporter

Presidential candidate, Joseph R. Biden Jr. is running like a candidate who is alone in a crowded primary of Democrats.

The more he compares his record and ticket of Obama/Biden next to that of Trump/Pence the more Biden resonates with people at campaign rallies like that in Iowa last week and those who miss a time of governance seen as one inclusive of all—instead of divisive and autocratic.

Biden, using his name recognition and his early poll results is a good tactic say most campaign strategists, the question is, will it hold?

The risk of the too left opponents is obvious, they must deal with the “socialism” labels and a too radical shift from either side—in a country weary of extremism.

Biden’s target remains keenly focused on the November 2020 site.

He is betting all on the big race and his tendency to decline to address the other Democratic candidates in the primary and their policies or address questions from the press regarding other candidates is no accident—he is shifting the focus to, “who can beat Trump.” 

In a recent New York Times article Biden made clear his intent to stay the course on his message of the man best to beat the Trump.

“Who is most likely to be able to beat President Trump?” he said to reporters after hosting a campaign event here in Mount Pleasant, Iowa last week. “Because if that doesn’t happen, nothing changes.”

Still, many Democratic campaign veterans believe that Mr Biden needs to start rolling out policy proposal and spend less time on explaining his record with President Obama because that won’t last and as Trump is more than ready to attack Biden from all sides, the sharp distinctions between the choice of Trump or Biden will determine all. 

For now, Mr Biden positioning himself as the “leader of the pack” is a smart move, and that was abundantly clear in the recent Iowa polls and rally support turnout.