Relentless Beats brings DJ’s from around the world to Phoenix


Sikia Meza

Stage performance at Rawhide Event Center

Sikia Meza, Reporter

Relentless Beats and Insomniac presented Saturday at Rawhide Event Center their third annual Bassrush Massive, where a headbanging audience could be themselves, make friends and be as loud as they wanted.

The artists played electronic dance music (EDM), music inspired by different genres like dubstep, hip hop, and trap music to amplify the diversity between the artists.

The main headliner Flux Pavilion is known for his performance since he is a “one-man orchestra” with the ability to play different instruments and sings all at the same time.

The Black Tiger Sex Machine is a heavy electro post-apocalyptic sound from Canada consisting of three music producers where their fanbase has quickly grown since 2012.

Hayden Kramer aka Herobust, an electronic producer from Atlanta, Georgia brings familiar sounds of hip-hop and has been recognized in publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone and others.

Riot Ten born and raised in Texas made his breakthrough when in 2017 reached two #1 top 100 dubstep chart-topping singles. According to relentless beats he is surely becoming “one of the most sought out names in all of dance music, and this is only the beginning.”

The fifth headliner, Marauda, the 17-year-old producer from Sydney Australia who started producing at 12 years old, brought a mixture of early 2010s explosive dubstep and modern aggression energy to the stage and is said to have a lot of time ahead of him to experiment with his music.

Australian Vice DMC DJ Champ winner, Zeke Beats was the sixth headliner in this event and has worked in collaboration with big-name artists such as EPROM according to an interview done two years ago.

The last headliner, Sharps, formerly a member of Instant Party in 2014 left to make his own sound as a solo artist. He became a staple in the Seattle music community and gained support from Krewella and Adventure Club according to relentless beats.

An attendee of the concert, Luis Valles said Flux Pavilion was his favorite artist. 

“Because I’ve liked him the longest out of any of the other DJs and I still enjoy his sets”, Valles said.

Many attended the event for a specific artist not expecting to leave with new favorites artists but others arrive at these events purposefully not knowing the artists before so that the experience is unique and to them this allows the music to “speak” for itself.

Another attendee, Jenna Grace mentioned another reason why she attends these concerts.

“The vibe, also the people I meet, and my friend group is what keeps me coming,” Grace said.