Suns Media Day tips off anticipation for the upcoming season


Humberto Arredondo

Suns coach Monty Williams at a previous press conference

Humberto Arredondo, Reporter

The Phoenix Suns Media Day on Monday moved beyond the traces of 19-63 season and focused on a revamped roster and a new head coach in Monty Williams.

“I see a leader, you know a guy that loves what he does, and loves the guys that he works with and that’s driven to improve every day – I walk down the office every day and I see more and more plays going up on the board, and I’m pretty sure you can’t run that many plays in an NBA game but he’ll have enough to run if he needs it. But that’s what I see, its just that excitement, that desire and willingness to embrace the journey, the challenge that’s ahead of us. So, it gives me comfort and excitement – it makes me excited to know that I have a guy who not only wants to do it but has done it and will continue to pursue excellence. That’s a great example for us and that’s a great example for the franchise,” said James Jones, General Manager of the Suns with thoughts on Williams as the new head coach.

With acquisitions like FIBA World Cup Champion Ricky Rubio, Dario Saric, Aron Baynes, Jevon Carter, re-signing Kelly Oubre and adding the young draft picks to the roster, the Suns depth this season.

Williams took the opportunity to address that depth.

“We have depth at every position, just start with Aron that’s a big-time addition to our team – You look at our backup point guard position we have some versatility Ty, Jevon, Tyler can play some point, Devin can play some point. We have Mykal and Cam at the wing positions. Frank was huge for us his ability to stretch the floor and our training camp is going to mesh all that out were going to find out about our depth but I think we have enough guys to have an environment that’s competitive every day – competitive environments, they weed guys out and they bring the best out you,” Williams said.

For most of the players on the Suns, their first time playing with each other will be during practice on Tuesday and coach Williams is keenly aware of the challenges of building chemistry among players.

“There’s a number of them but the main thing is just getting to know one another, off the floor and on the floor, spending a lot of time together,” Williams said.

Expectations are high and include winning games, consistency and productiveness.

“Win some games, come in with the right attitude every day, learn from each other,” said Devin Booker, the Phoenix Suns 2015 draft, thirteenth pick, and first in the NBA to debut at age 18 after one year of college basketball.

“Consistency, that’s it, just consistency everybody doing what they supposed to do on a consistent basis. That’s all I ask, that’s it,” said former Arizona Wildcat, Deandre Ayton.

This season, there are arguably no clear favorites to win it all, anything is possible.

Suns preseason begins on Oct 8 and the first regular season game is Oct. 23.

“First of all, you got to believe it – you have to believe it and feel it. There’s something in me that believes that we can do something special here, but at the same time it may not happen. But the first time you step on the court (tomorrow in training camp) it has to be that, it has to be that nobody, no matter what other people say, nobody (no matter) what we have done in the past we all start 0-0 this season and we have a lot of talent here and a lot of players who can really if we click together. Sometimes it’s not about who has the best players, it’s who has the best team,” said Ricky Rubio an early standout and persuasive leader for the Suns.