Blood Donation Camp on wheels at SCC


Prathiksha Veera Anumantha Sekar

Student SCC after donating blood

Prathiksha Veera Anumantha Sekar, Reporter

United Blood service organized a blood donation camp at Scottsdale Community College (SCC) on September 30, 2019. 

The importance of donating blood is to aid others if they are hospitalized, wether that may be because of natural disasters, accidents, fighting diseases or in labor.  Blood donations are used to save around 12,000 lives a day, according to the organization.

The Blood Donation Camp happens three times a year at SCC. The students were greatly enthusiastic about donating blood. 

Birdie Call, a film student at SCC and third-time donor expressed the importance of having 0+ blood type.”I know they are low on my blood type, I’ll give some up” said Call.

Blood 0+ is known to be a rare type and everybody with this blood type is encouraged to donate because of their limited supply.

Austin Reily, a film student at SCC and first-time blood donor expressed his motivation to donate. 

“It’s probably gonna go to some kid or adult that needs my blood more than I need right now. Any small thing to help them will make me feel good.” Reiley said.

The process is harmless, quick and easy as the students stated. 

You can schedule an appointment to donate blood with the American Red Cross