TrackClub Newest Addition to Downtown Phoenix


Sikia Meza

The outside of Track Club

Sikia Meza, Reporter

Track Club is Downtown Phoenix’s newest nightlife entertainment destination.

Thomas Turner, founder and CEO of Relentless Beats spoke to Northeast Valley News about the idea of TrackClub.

“Chuckie Duff approached me about doing a nightclub in downtown phoenix and we worked for about 2 years to come up with this end product that you see now as Track Club,” Turner said.

This venue features the same lighting and video design as Arizona’s biggest EDM music festivals.

Kaskade, MALLA, Lil Jon, Valentino Khan and more will be the range of dance genres playing at the nightclub. Each cocktail is in a vinyl menu specially selected by an EDM song and served by a bartender wearing track gear!

The cocktails’ name inspiration came from nostalgic eras of dance music starting in the ‘70s with disco, to ‘80s, to underground house of the ‘90s where from here many categories and genres exploded to what we know now as Electronic Dance Music (EDM)

Zachery O’Haire spoke to Northeast Valley news about more in-depth of the drinks and inspiration of the names.

“We’ve taken key songs that we think have represented these decades very well and speak the things that we love and taken the idea of them and tried to transform that into flavor profiles and an overall experience that guests can have” O’Haire said.

This new lounge will be open to many that would love to experience a high volume club like no other in downtown.