Joe Biden still leading in polls as candidate with best chance of beating President Trump


Gage Skidmore (Flickr)

Former Vice President Joseph Biden

Jesse Tannous, Reporter

Former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. may not have the “wow” factor, but he has consistently shown in polling that he is the candidate, among his rivals, that most Democratic voters believe has the best chance of beating President Trump.

Many Democratic voters want a candidate that they believe has the best chance to beat President Trump over popular platforms of change or policy changes and also see Biden as someone who can return the White House to an experienced respected leader and even reverse some of the current administration’s policies.

Biden has also managed to cross all lines of voter demographics including education, gender and race in that “most likely to beat” category.

A CNN poll in December showed Biden well ahead of other rivals at 40 percent of likely Democratic voters who believe that he is the strongest contender against Mr. Trump.

Only 16 percent named Bernie Sanders of Vermont as that candidate and Sanders is Biden’s closest rival.

Biden is seen as a “safe” candidate while other candidates gain more enthusiasm from their supporters because of policy often seen as more left wing ideology.

Still, in an election that is in large part about removing Mr. Trump from office, the fact that Biden continues to carry the lead among Democrats as well as many moderate Republicans that feel disenfranchised by a Republican party they no longer identify with.

Biden is also equally popular among women as he is men and the most popular among black Democratic voters.