Bury the hatchet at The Class Axe Throwing Tempe


Sikia Meza

Axe Throwing Tempe

Sikia Meza , Reporter

Ever wanted to throw axes? Now is the time at The  Class Axe Throwing Tempe.

As soon as the doors open you are immersed in the wooden mesquite aroma and given a pen and paper to sign a waiver, essentially giving up any liability if you were to hurt yourself, but that is where the fun begins.

Once the waiver is signed everyone is welcomed into the throwing range where one can choose an alias or write their name on a tag and the introduction of the axe instructor begins.

The range from what types of axe and what size are vast and this includes the different types of targets used for specifics in weaponry.

Tyler Burns spoke to Northeast Valley News a little more in-depth about what exactly is the axe experience.

“Basically how it works is we have an axe-throwing range and we bring you in and show you how to throw axes and then we split you into groups and do some team games and focus on entertainment and things that make it fun” Burns commented.

This axe location is offered to ages as young as 12 to join and have some fun and tickets range from $29.99 per person. At this location, they also offer B.Y.O.B which one can bring their own beer after 4 pm while throwing some axes and listening to some music.

Sierra Douglas spoke to Northeast Valley News about the axe show, and what exactly is one to expect.

”Our first 30 minutes to about 45 minutes is going to be practice training getting everybody familiar with the axes well go through a 2 hand 1 hand smaller axes to bigger axes and then once everyone has gotten comfortable through practice we move on to the competition as well as games which would be timber, tic tac toe, and survivor which is the lumberyard battle-royale” Douglas commented.

For location and bookings visit this link.