Free Counseling Services Aid Scottsdale Students


Lizeth Zavaleta

SCC Counseling Services

Lizeth Zavaleta, Reporter

Many Scottsdale Community College students are unaware of the free counseling services available to them on the SCC campus..

This resource has helped many students get through some tough times or find a way to other programs that can help with specific needs.

“We are a psychoeducational counseling center— meaning, we are here to support our students holistically, but we aren’t able to function as a therapeutic psychotherapy center. We also help students with their basic needs so if they don’t have enough to eat, the Artie’s Fit Market pantry is located here in the counseling office,” said Andrea Scherrer, a counselor at Scottsdale Community College.

The Counseling Services is located in the Student Center SC-108 facing the administration building.

You can find their Fall, Spring, and Summer hours through their website.

When asked if it’s often difficult to get students to open up, Scherrer admitted that it can be a challenge, but listening and being available to the student when they are ready to share, helps.

“One of the things a lot of people feel kind of nervous about in the beginning is they think It’s going to be weird to talk to a stranger about what’s going on in their life and a lot of students come in and don’t know where to start. It’s a little bit awkward for a couple of minutes so the main thing I make sure they know I’m here to listen. I always normalize that kinda awkward moment of where do I start,” Scherrer said.

The Student Counseling website outlines a calendar filled with ‘Wellbeing Wednesday’ and various workshops.

Students may also schedule appointments by phone, email, or on a walk in basis.

If the student counseling services are not open and a student is in crisis and needs help, there’s a 24-hour crisis hotline at the National Suicide Prevention Lifelines 1-855-273-TALK (8255) which is also listed on the Student Counseling website :