Relentless Beats features Dj Sango at Crescent Ballroom in Phoenix


Jesse Milioto

Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix

Jesse Milioto, Reporter

Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix hosted DJ Sango on Mar. 5th. He is a multifaceted, electronic, musical artist from Seattle.

Kai Asa Savon Wright, is known by his stage name Sango who includes a wide variety of styles like, Hip-Hop beats, and Chill-Hop beats.

The website for the promotion company, Relentless Beats, offers an insight into his early influences.

“At the young age of 12, Sango started producing music alongside his older brother and his friends. His work mainly focuses on hip-hop, and soul influenced beats that over the years have been able to come together as his own distinctive innovative sound.”

A worker by the name of Ehren Stonner who helps organize events in Crescent Ballroom spoke with  about what he enjoys about Sango.

“I like his style” Stonner said, “feels like it has a little bit, just a little less generic then a lot of what you hear today”.

Taryn Lonavit spoke about what he appreciates about Sango.

“I like that he’s different, at least it inspires me to become more different”, Lonavit said. “I’m just glad you get to see him now before he blows up.”