Genocide Awareness week set for April 20th at Scottsdale Community College


Brenda Kochevar

SCC Armenian Genocide Monument

Ashu Yadav, Reporter

The 8th annual Genocide Awareness week will take place at Scottsdale Community College from April 20-25.

It includes a series of lectures, exhibits, storytelling by the survivors, scholars, politicians, activists, artists, humanitarians and members of law enforcement.

The 27- panel exhibit document “The United States Military in the first Republic of Armenia 1919-1920” will be on display at the Copper room in Student Center, from April 13-25.

Based on the photographic collection, the exhibit reveals how in 1919, U.S. military personnel and civilian aid workers cared for thousands of people, furnishing food and medical relief to 75,000 children daily. 

The opening reception will be held on April 13th at 6:30 p.m. in the Turquoise Room.

This is the largest conference on Genocides in North America, a 6-day long conference and it covers numerous Genocides, including Armenia, Holocaust, Bosnia and Assyrian with a massive number of 2,500 people attending it every year.

“The exhibit is really important because if you look at United States, many people are unaware of Armenian Genocide, despite of fact that it is now been recognized in 49 states.” said John Liffiton, director of the Genocide Conference, “this conference makes sure that there are at least two presentation on Armenian genocide and also having the memorial service to bring awareness to SCC students and all other students from any college or school”.

Not only lectures and presentations but also two important workshops will be held this year. It includes FBI Workshop focusing on Federal Law and Civil Rights: Excessive Force, Hate, Genocide, and House of Worship Security on Friday, April 24, followed by ADL Educator’s Workshop on Saturday, April 25.

“There are only two colleges in the United States that have a monument- one is the Fresno State Campus and the other is the Scottsdale Community College. St. Apkar Armenian Apostolic Church brought a monument on campus and every year we have a memorial service there.” Liffiton said.

You can visit Scottsdale Community College’s website for the information of the category of events and their timings.

All the events will be held at SCC campus except the Opening Night, which will take place at Franciscan Renewal Center starting from 5 p.m.

All the events are free and open to everyone.