Polar Play gives an escape from the heat of Phoenix


Sikia Meza

Ice Bar Lodge.

Sikia Meza , Reporter

Polarplay is an ice bar located within Odysea in Scottsdale where it is always kept at 15 degrees to escape the heat.

A parka coat and gloves are included when purchasing a ticket but one can upgrade to a fur coat. There is a full bar and non-alcoholic drinks such as frozen slushies, hot chocolate, and coffee drinks.

nevalleynews.org spoke to Kathy Arichavala the manager, on what experience is expected. 

“This is a family ice bar where everything is made out of real ice, our tables, our chairs, our cornhole, our checker’s table and it already includes a parka and some gloves” Arichavala said.

Once inside, games, ice sculptures as well as a light show are provided while enjoying drinks and live music to make the experience “Instagram Paradise”.

If it is too chilly inside, the lodge area outside will warm quickly because of a fireplace where Jenga, snacks and more board games are available.

Northeast Valley News spoke to Pamela Vargas a customer about her experience.

“This place is super cool because as soon as you enter you get to pick between two coats then from there once you enter you immediately see all these cool sculptures all made from the ice it is crazy!”  Vargas said.