Maricopa Community Colleges suspend all in-person classes from March 16-20: will assess possibility of temporary district wide online instruction in lieu of in-class instruction


Ivana Venema-Nunez, Reporter

A message sent out to all Maricopa faculty and staff from the Office of the Interim Chancellor, Dr. Steven Gonzales, alerts Maricopa employees that Maricopa Colleges will extend the current spring break by one week and suspend all in-person classes from March 16-20 while assessing the possibility of temporary district-wide online instruction, if necessary.

During the March 16-20 time frame, faculty and administration will meet, assess and move toward, at least temporarily, the preparation for an “online environment.”

The message states that the decision was made in order—”to reduce the possible spread of COVID-19 throughout our community and protect those who are more susceptible to severe illnesses and at the same time ensure legitimate opportunities for student academic progress leading to successful course completion.”

The Maricopa District is encouraging all students and faculty to sign on to RAVE for emergency updates and district messaging with regard to the latest COVID-19 information with regard to Maricopa Colleges updates.

You can open the PDF file here.