Registered Democrats may vote at any of the 151 ‘vote center’ locations Tuesday: Special sanitizing and distancing precautions taken at all vote center locations

Vote centers open from 6 a.m.-7 p.m.

Nicole White, Reporter

There is no need to try and find your official polling place in Tuesday’s presidential primary-since all ‘vote centers’ will now be open to any registered democrat.

The Maricopa County Elections Department has a link to follow if you are not certain about your eligibility or if you want further information.

“Folks should come on election day if they want to vote,” Supervisor Bill Gates said. “It’s going to be safe and there will be many places to do that.”

Polling places can be found on the Maricopa County Elections Department website and download the link that reads “Download the full list of locations here”-the link will direct you to open the full listing with addresses and locations to all vote center locations.

You can also call 602-506-1511.