Virtual tours and more to ease the boredom

Brenda Kochevar, Reporter

Staying home, isolated, and bored, people are turning to the internet to liven up their day.

Many are discovering a new form of entertainment that includes virtual tours, live camera feeds, and virtual educational activities. 

All are just a click away.

Day dreaming of being some where else, try one of these links for an exciting visual journey outside of your home:

Animal lovers can watch exciting animal antics:

Numerous entities have created special home programs for children during the school closures. Some feature daily activities to stimulate children and keep their interests.

Interesting educational topics and tidbits can be discovered with the links below:

For those missing the great outdoors, The National Park Service offers the following virtual tours:

Museums are increasing their social media presence and many have virtual tours as the COVID-19 crisis is forcing their closures.

Over 2,000 museums and galleries worldwide share their collections through a collaboration with Google Arts & Culture. Use the explore icon located in the lower right hand corner of image to explore the museums.

Google’s list of some of the top museums:

These local Arizona sites offer virtual tours:

Artnet News spoke with Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, director of The Castello di Rivoli museum in Turin, Italy. Christov-Bakargiev says it is the museum’s “public duty” to place the collections and exhibits online since they closed.

“It is important for people’s state of mind,” Christov-Bakargiev said.