Creative ideas for Mother’s Day during Self-Isolation



California Wildflower

Ivana Venema-Nunez, Reporter

For mother’s day this year, some changes and adjustments might make this special day a little less lonely for your mother. For the ones who are self-isolating and may not be able to be with their mothers physically, there are some creative ideas to connect with your loved one and make her smile. 

Zoom has been a great asset to keep in contact with friends, employers, clients, and family so, a call would surely surprise mom. 

Delivery services are an everyday convenience that many have abused this past month but, receiving a meal,  a drink or food item may brighten up mom’s day and also fill her tummy for the day.

Another popular idea that hit the internet recently because of self-isolation is to celebrate your loved ones by driving by and honking while holding colorful posters that will surely make a loving memory for everybody. 

If driving by is not possible because mom lives in another city, then planning might take a little longer but using some resources such as Amazon for delivery on a wide selection of items that mom surely will need is also a great gift.