Stephen Allen faces off against Warren Solomon for San Tan Precinct constable


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Lots of choices await Scottsdale voters in Aug. 4 Primary Election

Ivana Venema-Nunez, Reporter

Stephen Allen (R) is the current Maricopa County Constable for San Tan Precinct.  He’ll be challenged in the Aug. 4 primary by candidate Warren Solomon (R).

The San Tan Precinct includes Queen Creek, part of East Mesa and a portion of South Gilbert.  It is bordered primarily by Power Rd. to the west and Meridian Rd. to the east.  Hunt highway serves as it’s southern border and it extends as far north as McKellips Rd.

A constable is a peace officer with authority similar to a county sheriff but whose powers are limited to only their precinct.  A constable’s duties generally include delivering court papers, such as subpoenas, evictions and civil traffic citations, seizing and selling property for judgments and providing security for justice courts.  In Arizona, justices of the peace and constables are elected in partisan races, where they serve four-year terms, according to AZ Central.

Stephen Allen has been a constable for eight years and is challenged by Warren Solomon in the Republican primary.

San Tan Constable Kevin Jones and former county supervisor Tom Freestone endorse Allen.

The challenger, Solomon is endorsed by Queen Creek Mayor Gail Barney and the Mesa Police Association. 

According to an AZ Central article, in 2016, while Solomon was a supervisor in the organized-crime squad, he was accused of three infractions. They include saying and texting inappropriate racial and sexual comments to employees, holding female employees to a higher standard than the male employees he supervised and retaliation against another employee for taking time off.

Human resources concluded that Solomon said and wrote sexual and racial comments, but the other two allegations were not sustained, according to the AZ Central article. 

Solomon denied the allegations in his interview with HR.

When the complaints were made, Solomon was moved to a patrol sergeant position, receiving a written reprimand. He retired with benefits a year later.