“The 2:15” Ep 34 – Drinks After Work and Trash Talk


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Belly up to the bar for Allie Rae and Luna’s second episode of Drinks After Work

Ole Olafson , Senior Audio Producer

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The first segment of this episode of “The 2:15” features the second installment of Drinks After Work.  This week, Allie Rae and Luna continue their discourse on breaking up.  They discuss why you should block him, some of the stages of breaking up and how to get through them virtually unscathed.

The second segment is the debut of a new sports segment called Trash Talk, created by Daniel Moreno.  In this episode, Daniel and Ole Olafson pick apart the  worst teams in the NFL  to give you some ammo for around the water cooler at work or your  fantasy football group chat.  Get ready to take out the trash!