Phoenix Suns blow out Portland, continue building momentum


Michael Tipton (Flickr)

The Suns lost Game 5 at home Saturday night

Daniel Moreno, Reporter

In a possible first round matchup preview, the Suns dealt a devastating blow to the Portland Trail Blazers as they pulled away in the third quarter to secure a 32 point win on Monday.

With the Suns offense being driven by Devin Booker’s masterful offensive night, putting up 34 points on 12/17 shooting, they didn’t miss a beat through all four quarters.

The Suns were able to remain consistent in terms of shooting, going 16-33 from three point range. Meanwhile the Trail Blazers struggled going 12-39 from the same distance, showcasing the efficiency the Suns have been able to provide all season.

Phoenix was able to keep all-star Damian Lillard from delivering one of his dominating shooting performances by keeping a defender, most of the time Mikal Bridges, on him from as soon as the logo. While this did allow Lillard to drive plenty, it was not enough to drown out the onslaught of buckets the Suns roster delivered through having nine players score at least one three.

“Everyone’s locked in,” Booker said.

Strong team play has been a staple of the Sun’s success so far this season and was only exemplified further tonight. With Chris Paul having a rare 1-9 shooting night, the backup provided from his teammates was a necessity, because while tonight, Booker had a hot hand, the stars for the Suns may not always line up so perfectly.