Phoenix Suns rely on strong bench play, teamwork in back-to-back wins against Rockets, Heat


Michael Tipton (Flickr)

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Daniel Moreno, Reporter

The Suns kept the heat turned up with back-to-back wins at home on Monday and Tuesday, taking down the Houston Rockets and Miami Heat.

Oddly enough, the games felt like complete opposites.

A hot start against the Rockets compared to a 13 point, first quarter deficit in the game against Miami.

However, one thing remained constant — a strong bench performance.

The Sun’s bench outscored Miami’s by 41 points.

Phoenix’s bench was at the core of their ability to comeback and match Miami before the half.

This sort of “team play” has been the definition of the new look Suns under Monty Williams.

“They know they need each other,” Suns Head Coach Monty Williams said.

On Monday, the Suns were able to secure the NBA record for the most three-pointers in a quarter and tied the record for threes in a half with the Utah Jazz.

While the Suns don’t take the most three-pointers in the league, it has become a staple of their offense and almost every single player on the team can consistently make them.

Also, on Tuesday, Suns guard Chris Paul continued his trend of breaking records when he moved to fifth all-time in steals, passing 76ers guard Maurice Cheeks.

“We have a team.  Like a real team,” Paul said. “We lean on each other and trust each other.”

The Suns have proven repeatedly, that no matter who is playing poorly, someone will always be there to get their back and support them until they are back in rhythm.

This has been most apparent in the last five minutes of any fourth quarter for the Suns.

If Devin Booker isn’t sinking shots, then Chris Paul will.

This dynamic duo has propelled them into not only a great record, but also a team that can finish games with a lead — something that was scary to see as a Suns fan in previous years.

With the recent trend of creating “superteams”, star-power has become a highlight of the NBA.

But nothing will ever be able to defeat a complete team.

Each player having their role and every player having their teammate’ back.