Strong outing from Madison Bumgarner propels Arizona Diamondbacks to victory, split series with Washington Nationals


Landry Heaton (Flickr)

A big day for Madison Bumgarner got Arizona the win and a split four-game series against Washington

Jackson Dungan, Reporter

After a rough and tumble start to the MLB season, the Arizona Diamondbacks have been working on gaining some momentum to fight to the top of one of the league’s toughest divisions.

Facing the San Diego Padres to start the 2021 season is no easy task for any team.  The D-Backs gave the Padres a run for their money but lost three out of four games before heading to Denver to face the sans Nolan Arenado Rockies.

The Diamondbacks put up huge numbers against the Rockies, scoring 13 runs in three games.

However, they managed to take just one out of three games from Colorado.

To hardly anyone’s surprise, the team’s pitching rotation, seems to be an issue again this season.

Last year, with no spring training and very little practice because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the team struggled to get their bats going as well as their pitching.

However, through the early stages of this campaign, it seems that the Diamondbacks have their bats hot and ready every day, but their pitchers are failing to deliver low-run outings.

For example, in the quick two game series against the Oakland Athletics, the Diamondbacks allowed 16 runs while only scoring 10.

A team’s offense is only as good as its best pitchers.

Several games in the previous two series were high-scoring affairs.

In their first game against the Washington Nationals, the D-Backs completely rattled the Nationals’ pitchers by scoring 11 and picking up steam following a game-sealing Grand Slam by second baseman Andrew Young.

While fans should be relieved to see the D-Back’s success at the plate, the stress from Madison Bumgarner’s expensive lack of performance continues to linger.

Before today’s game, Bumgarner had started three outings, pitching 13.2 innings with an astonishingly high 11.2 era.

But to many fans surprise, Bumgarner showed up and showed out in today’s last game of their four-game series against the Washington Nationals.

The left-handed former ace threw for five full innings, allowing just one run on five strikeouts, helping the team to a much needed 5-2 victory.

Arizona Manager Torey Lovullo seemed relieved at Bumgarner’s performance during today’s postgame press conference.

“A lot of people [are] trying hard, including me, to get things going the way that we know they can and the way they should be going,” Lovullo said. “So [it was] nice to see that kind of turnaround. I don’t feel like we’re by no means there, but it’s nice to see a transition to the way that I want it to go.”