Torey Lovullo notches 300 wins as Diamondbacks manager


PMell 2293 (Flickr)

Diamondbacks Manager Torey Lovullo collected his 300th win on Sunday

Jackson Dungan, Reporter

Just like Aunt Marge’s collie dog in the springtime, the Arizona Diamondbacks are shedding their patchy winter coat for a new, refreshed and colorful pattern of baseball beauty.

Playing in one of the league’s toughest divisions is no simple task for any organization, but the Diamondbacks are snaking their way through the perilous NL West with significant force.

Struggling Arizona pitcher Madison Bumgarner was in dire need of a breakout game and had just that in a 7-inning, shutout performance against the Atlanta Braves on Apr. 25.

However, the story of the week for the Diamondbacks came from their steadfast manager Torey Lovullo.

On Sunday, Lovullo made Diamondback’s history, becoming the organization’s fourth manager to obtain 300 career wins.

“It’s not just a 300th win for me, it’s the 300th win for the organization since I got here in 2017,” Lovullo said during a postgame interview following Arizona’s 8-4 win over Colorado.

After taking over in 2017, Lovullo took the D-backs directly into playoff territory but fell short, losing the National League Divisional Series.

That same year he was awarded the MLB National League Manager of the year.

Lovullo and the D-Backs haven’t been back in the playoffs since, but their dominant play over the last week would brighten the outlook of even pessimistic fans.

The Diamondbacks have taken 10 out of their last 13 games and seem to have found a spark at an ideal time.

Getting a boost at this early stage of the season could raise team morale to new heights and provide a cushion to their division record.

However, the team’s slow start earlier in the season has kept the Diamondbacks from making any major moves up the divisional leaderboard just yet.

If the team keeps up their recent strong play behind the plate and brilliant pitching performances, there is no reason to believe that the Diamondbacks won’t eventually be competing for a top spot in the NL West.

As a matter of fact, if the season were to end today, the Diamondbacks would be just two games behind first place.

Not bad for a team who struggled mightily during the 2020 pandemic season.

Faithful fans wave goodbye to the team this week as they leave on a six-game road trip.

Starting Tuesday, they will play a three-game series against the struggling Miami Marlins before heading to Manhattan for a triple dose of the Mets.