NASCAR unveils new Next Gen stock cars, scheduled to debut at 2022 Daytona 500


Kyle T. (Flickr)

The new Next Gen stock car will debut at next year’s Daytona 500

James Mackey, Reporter

NASCAR’s long-awaited Next Gen release happened on Wednesday and showcased a multitude of new car features.

The unveiling was streamed live to NASCAR’s YouTube channel, as well as on

“We really wanted to get back to a promise we had made to the fans — to put the stock back in stock car,” NASCAR President Steve Phelps said during the event about the dramatically new designs.

All of the manufacturer representatives and drivers seemed impressed by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, or OEM aspects of the cars, led by the similarities of the cars with the stock versions, available to the public at your local dealership.

John Probst, Senior Vice President at NASCAR, said the Next Gen car has undergone nearly 5,500 miles of testing and over 1,100 hours of development.

“Rubbin’ is racin’,” Probst said in reference to the new composite body.

He seemed to feel that drivers might be able to get away with contacting the walls more in the new cars and that body will prove more resilient.

Chevy driver representative Chase Elliot, and manufacturer representative, Eric Warren, were taken by the lower roof line, as well as the streamlined look of the greenhouse and the lower deck lid.  They thought it reflected the coupe styling seen in the production Camaro ZL1.

They also noted in both the racing and production models that the cooling air comes through the nose, and out the hood vents.

Ford driver representative Joey Logano, and manufacturer representative Mark Rushbrook, appreciated that the new-look Mustang actually looks like a Mustang.

“The low roof, the long hood, and the short deck, those are the proportions of a Mustang,”Rushbrook said.  “The body screams Mustang to me.”

The final segment of the unveiling featured Toyota driver representative, Denny Hamlin and manufacturer representative, David Wilson, showing the Camry’s stock-like features.

Toyota and their design team reportedly built the Camry Next Gen to look as much like the production model as possible.  According to the manufacturer, the Next Gen car also has safety upgrades like additional roll bars and situating the driver closer to the center of the vehicle.

Race fans will have their first chance to see the Next Gen cars perform on the track at next year’s Daytona 500.