Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel seeking treatment for personal, medical difficulties

Adel has been the Maricopa County Attorney since October 2019


Tony Webster

The Maricopa County Superior Courthouse in Phoenix.

Allister Adel, the current Maricopa County Attorney, has announced she is being treated for anxiety and unhealthy coping behaviors.

A statement obtained by Northeast Valley News prior to wider release on Friday explains that in addition to her aforementioned trouble with anxiety, Adel has struggled with an eating disorder and alcohol abuse over the past year.

“I know that if I am to be successful in my recovery, I must be honest and hold myself accountable,” Adel said. “I have a challenging journey ahead to do better and be better for my friends, family, staff, this community and ultimately myself.”

Originally appointed as the county attorney in 2019, Adel underwent surgery to address a blood clot in her brain last November. She returned from medical leave in February after two operations, and her office has since contended with the fallout from an investigation revealing efforts to blanket Black Lives Matter protesters as gang members.

The Phoenix Police Department and members of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office worked in tandem to bring charges against these protesters, and all cases have since been dismissed.

“I am in daily contact with my leadership team while seeking treatment to ensure the important business of the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office continues,” Adel said. “I am committed to rising to meet this challenge and I thank you for allowing me the grace to do so.”

Note: this story has been updated to reflect an MCAO spokesperson’s contention that Adel is not taking a leave of absence or stepping down temporarily.