4-Down Territory Ep 21-7 The Box for Foday

Podcast – Opinion


James Mackey

This just in…NEVN reporter and Bears fan James Mackey says he is rooting for the Packers over the Cardinals!

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There’s a co-host mash-up on the show this week! Staff writer Alex Keeler takes a ride in the NEVN “Hot Seat”. Former Millennial Manifesto co-host and current NEVN Assistant Managing Editor Jeremy Beren is back in the newsroom and back behind the microphone.

1st Down: Running back injuries in the news. Games of the week from week 7 and new picks for week 8.

2nd Down: Tipping the Teacart and Ole’s top-5 NCAA football games for week 9.

3rd Down: Mackey weighs in on the Chicago Blackhawk’s front office, shattered by the findings of a sexual assault investigation and how the NHL seems to be keeping it quiet.

4th Down: Discussion on whether racing is a sport…or poker for that matter!

Recorded Tuesday Oct. 26