Scottsdale Community College holding ‘Sonder’ open mic events

First events feature creative writings based on ’emerging’ theme


Ole Olafson

The first theme in the Sonder open mic series was “emerging”.

Scottsdale Community College is sponsoring a series of open mic events called “SCC Sonder.”

According to the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows, “sonder” means “the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own”.

SCC Creative Writing faculty member and event organizer Kim Sabin said participation is limited to SCC students, staff and faculty, but stressed that anyone is welcome to attend.

Sabin said each event will have a central theme and welcomes any type of creative writing work, such as poetry, short stories or personal essays, as well as monologues or original music based on the designated theme.

The first events in the series were based around the theme “emerging.”  The first, an in-person event, took place outdoors on Nov. 2, in the LC building courtyard.  It was followed one week later by an online Zoom event.

Sabin told Northeast Valley News that two more Sonder events are planned for the spring semester.  They include a reading, similar to the Nov. 2 event, which will be held in the Two Rivers Circle amphitheater. There will also be a social justice-themed poetry slam.

Dates for the spring events are yet to be determined.

Writers interested in participating can contact Sabin by email at