4-Down Territory Ep 21-9 If It Were Only True

Podcast – Opinion


James Mackey

One big happy, social distanced, family

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On this week’s show, Foday Kromah gets tricked by a phony tweet and Alex Keeler adds a new twist to the NFL Game-o-the-Week.

1st Down: NCAA football takes the primo spot with Tipping the Tea Cart and Ole’s Top-5 Most Exciting Games of the Week.

2nd Down: The guys talk about OBJ and the Rams, as well as Cam “I’m Back” Newton helping kick around the Cardinals. The rubber hits the road with the premier of Game-o-the-Week Plus, where the guys actually try to pick a winner and score of their chosen game for points.

3rd Down: What’s up with NFL refereeing? Mackey rants about the calls against his beloved Bears on Sunday night and the dudes try to figure out what “roughing the passer” is.

4th Down: Foday and Alex look at the Sun’s early season win streak and pontificate about who they would trade for DeAnde Ayton…how about Karl Anthony Towns?

Recorded Tuesday, Nov. 16