4-Down Territory Ep 22-2 Saquon Barkley ruined my season…again

Podcast – Opinion


Ole Olafson

We’re not talking heads, we’re talking skulls…anyone can see that!

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It’s the first day of spring semester and Foday Kromah, Alex Keeler and Ole Olafson are back in the newsroom to record in person.

1st Down:  The NFL playoffs continue without the Arizona Cardinals.  The guys make their Games-O-the-Week plus picks for the Divisional round of the playoffs.

2nd Down:  NHL fans can vote their favorite players into the All-Star game.  Who made it in this year?

3rd Down:   Alex and Foday debate whether Kyrie Irving of the Nets or Golden State’s Klay Thompson will make a bigger impact upon their return to action.

4th Down:  With the fantasy football season over, the guys sift through the ashes of their teams to find their best boom and worst bust players.

Recorded January 18