Arizona representative Gosar draws ire from Sen. Romney

The Utah lawmaker referred to Gosar as a “moron” on CNN


Gage Skidmore

U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar speaking with attendees at an event hosted by the Defend America Foundation at the Scottsdale Gun Club.

Utah senator Mitt Romney on Sunday voiced serious concern about Georgia representative Marjorie Taylor Greene and Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar’s respective appearances at white supremacist Nick Fuentes’s political conference.

“Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar, I don’t know them,” Romney said on CNN’s “State of the Union” program. “But I’m reminded of that old line from the ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’ movie where one character says, ‘Morons. I’ve got morons on my team.’ I have to think that anybody that would sit down with white nationalists and speak at their conference was certainly missing a few IQ points.”

Greene (in-person) and Gosar (virtually) appeared at Fuentes’s America First Political Action Conference on Friday. The far-right pair, no strangers to controversy or the odd verbal faux pas, often ruffle their moderate Republican colleagues’ feathers as well as their Democratic rivals’.

“As Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep Paul Gosar speak at this white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-Putin event, silence by Republican Party leaders is deafening and enabling,” Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney tweeted Saturday. “All Americans should renounce this garbage and reject the Putin wing of the GOP now.”

Despite the slams from her Republican associates, Greene did not explicitly comment on their implicit support for white nationalism or for Russian president Vladimir Putin’s widely-condemned invasion of Ukraine. Instead, she claimed her presence at AFPAC was merely about discussing “God and Liberty.”

On the other hand, Gosar disparaged Romney directly in a statement to the Arizona Republic after blaming President Joe Biden for Putin’s decision to begin a war in Ukraine.

“The Romney wing of globalists, interventionists and America Last is breathing its last fetid breath,” Gosar said. “Good riddance. His appeal to censoring (Greene) or insulting her, or me, is typical for his level of pseudo-intellect. Having not even been in Orlando I don’t know what (Greene) said to trigger this fragile tulip but it must have been good.”