QAnon posts reveal admiration of Russian authoritarian leader Putin, despite his invasion of a sovereign Ukraine—falling in step with Trump’s praises of Putin


Nicole White, Reporter

A 2017 “Q drop” post found on 4chan and allegedly made by the anonymous creator of the conspiracy group reads:

“Russia has historically been the perceived arch-rival and pure nemesis of the United States for over seventy years,” a 4chan user wrote. “On the other hand Putin rejects the [New World Order]—the global government plan of the cabal and promotes national sovereignty—two things in common with DJT. Putin has also supported the revival of Christian faith within Russia and frequently emphasizes its importance for a moral and sustainable society.”

This claim—one that is empty on facts—is in line with Donald Trump’s very public praises of Putin.

Trump’s “facts” are most often out of line with the truth.

The friendship between Putin and QAnon’s hero, Donald Trump, and most recently, messages from Russian-state-backed media- claimed that the mainstream media “is not to be trusted and its criticism of Putin isn’t justified.”

Since the invasion of the sovereign Ukraine, objective respectable news organizations have pretty much been dismantled in favor of Putin’s state owned “news” propaganda.

The anonymous leader “Q” has spearheaded many of the pro-Russian posts for the past several years and QAnon has portrayed Putin and Russia in a favorable light— a direct echo of Trump’s adoration of Putin.

The references to Putin within the “Q” drops have gradually increased since 2017 and when Trump attended the infamous summit in Helsinki, the former president sided with Putin over his own U.S. intelligence agencies.

QAnon posts—like a persistent fly— have continually landed favorably on Trump and therefore—Putin.

Apparently a brutal war waged against a sovereign Ukraine has not changed that.

“So when Russian troops began pouring over the Ukrainian border last week, there was only one side that QAnon was going to pick.”

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has exposed the rift within the Republican Party even more and revealed the conflicts of how to address the aggression against Ukraine against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s continued adulation of Putin,

To most, Trump is now considered deeply out of step with the majority of GOP leaders even though he continues to declare his intention to run again in 2024.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) recently contradicted  Trump’s praise of Putin as “smart” and “savvy” by declaring that he views the Russian president as a “ruthless thug.”