Washington Capitals, other NHL teams show support for Ukraine

James Mackey, Reporter

Around the world, many different countries and athletes are showing their support for Ukraine amidst attacks from Russia.

After Alexander Ovechkin broke his silence following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Washington Capitals spoke up in support of Ukraine, despite carrying Russian born players on their active roster.

In his original statement on February 25, Ovechkin was quoted in an article by The Athletic saying, “Please, no more war. It doesn’t matter who is in the war… we have to live in peace and a great world.”

Ovechkin, when later asked about his support of Putin said, “he is my president. But how I said, I am not in politics. I am an athlete and you know, how I said, I hope everything is going to be done soon.”

The Capitals hold four active Russian players on their roster. Evgeny Kuznetzov, Ilya Samsonov, Dmitry Orlov and Ovechkin.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Tuesday, the Capitals wrote, “the Washington Capitals join the National Hockey League in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine…We urge and hope for a peaceful resolution as quickly as possible.”

As posted in an article to the Athletic, the NHL suspended its business relationships with partners in Russia, is pausing it’s Russian social and digital media sites and is no longer considering Russia as a possible site for any contests or events involving the NHL in anyway.

The Capitals are not the only team in the NHL to show support to Ukraine while they are under siege.

The Seattle Kraken hosted Ukranian singer Roman Vashchuk to sing the Ukranian national anthem before a game, and lit up the arena in the blue and yellow lights, while displaying the Ukranian flag on the ice.

The Winnipeg Jets invited a Ukranian male chorus to sing the national anthem before their game last Tuesday.

The Ottawa Seantors owner Eugene Melnyk is the son of Ukranian immigrants, and said the Senators will have the Ukranian national anthem played before the rest of their home games this season.