Phoenix Suns win seventh consecutive game with victory over Denver Nuggets


Michael Tipton

Devin Booker was the big story on Thursday against Denver, scoring 43 points.

Daniel Moreno, Reporter

On Thursday, the Phoenix Suns beat the Denver Nuggets  140-130 in an offensive shootout that saw Devin Booker light up the court with a stunning 43-point performance.

It was the team’s seventh consecutive victory and their second win on the road in as many days.

With the win, the Suns clinched the first seed in the Western Conference and home court advantage for the playoffs.

It was also Chris Paul’s first game back from injury.

“There’s nothing like being part of this team. I’m just happy that I could get back,” Paul said.

The first quarter saw the Nuggets take a slight lead to start off the game.  But that lead would soon disappear and be replaced by a battle to get ahead..

The quarter ended in deadlock, with both teams tied at 31.

The Suns held the advantage in efficiency, shooting 61.1%, but the Nuggets dominated on the offensive board with five in the quarter.

The fast pace continued to the second quarter as it seemed neither team could be stopped regardless of the defensive strategy employed.

The Nuggets took the lead going into the locker room with the halftime score 66-68.

The third quarter showed the Nuggets resolve to not only maintain the lead, but to grow it, with more efficient scoring than they had in the past quarters.

This boost in efficiency saw them reach 62.3% from the field after three quarters, however, they weren’t able to stop Devin Booker.

“And Book having one of the best performances I’ve seen him have since I’ve been here,” Suns head Coach Monty Williams said of Booker’s performance.

The Suns took over the fourth quarter, as they have proven all season long, and outscored the Nuggets by 12 points.

The Suns maintained their scoring ability throughout the game, keeping above a 60% field goal percentage.

Denver collapsed in the last quarter in terms of consistency, bringing their overall field goal percentage to 59.3%. This slight difference, combined with the Nuggets 17 turnovers to the Suns 9, allowed the Suns to control the game and clinch the No. 1 seed.

“Down the stretch they showed why they’re the best team in the NBA,” Nuggets head coach Michael Malone said of the Suns..

The Suns upcoming game against the Philadelphia 76ers should go a long way towards showing their playoff capabilities, as they’ll have a chance to show how they might compete against title challengers and a top three team in the east.