April 20 marks unofficial holiday for marijuana enthusiasts; prompts special dispensary deals, festivals


Cannabis Culture (Flickr)

April 20 has become a holiday of sorts

Alex Keeler, Reporter

Even though it is unclear exactly why the number 420 (four-twenty) is associated with marijuana usage, it has served as code for that among pot smokers for quite a long time. Because of this, it is no wonder that marijuana enthusiasts have adopted April 20 (4/20) as an unofficial holiday. 

As a result, many dispensaries across the valley will have special deals on THC products. This includes paraphernalia, THC cartridges, flower, edibles, and more. 

Sunday Goods 

Sunday Goods isn’t just celebrating April 20, as the dispensary has deals all throughout the month of April. However, the store is having exclusive deals for the unofficial holiday. 

Any purchase of $42 or more will come with a free pre-roll.  

Customers may also buy raffle tickets ($1 each) that will help the Last Prisoner Project, with the prize being a VERANO: Stunden Glass-Gravity Bong branded  

To find your store location and hours, visit https://sundaygoods.com/?. 

Sol Flower 

Sol Flower will be celebrating 4/20 with an all-out fanfare for those old enough to participate. 

On Wednesday, customers will get the chance to climb an on-site rock wall, receive exclusive 4/20 deals, and groove to the beats of a live DJ. 

“We’re really excited to be able to celebrate 4/20 this year with Arizona’s growing cannabis community,” stated Allie Marconi, senior director of marketing at Copperstate Farms and Sol Flower. “We wanted to create space for people to socialize, shop, play, and enjoy the holiday on multiple levels.”  

To find your store and location hours, visit https://www.livewithsol.com/ 

HQ Vape and Smoke 

HQ Vape and Smoke will be having a wide variety of special discounts all day on Wednesday. 

This includes 40-60% off glass pieces, 25-35% off all grinders, and 20% off RAW products. Customers will also have the chance to spin a wheel to win select prizes. 

To find your local store and location hours, visit https://420hq.com/ 

If you are into going out to celebrate, check out some of the festivals taking place on Wednesday and throughout the week, like the AZST 420 Smokefest at 43 W Southern Ave., Tempe, AZ.  

 If you choose to consume cannabis products, it’s important to remember a few Arizona state laws that regulate marijuana usage. 

  1. It is illegal to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of cannabis. 
  1. Users can possess up to an ounce of cannabis flowers or five grams of concentrate. 
  1. Because marijuana is still only legal in selected states, dispensaries will only accept cash—no cards or checks allowed.