Three women among six Republican candidates for Arizona Attorney General


Theresa Thompson (Flickr)

Arizona voters will be selecting a new attorney general this fall

Ole Olafson, Reporter

Arizona is one of 30 states electing an attorney general this November.

Mark Brnovich (R), the state’s current attorney general, is pursuing a bid for U.S. Senator after seven years in office.

According to, since 1972, seven of the last 10 Arizona attorney generals were Republicans.

The site describes the position as one “who serves as the state’s chief legal officer, responsible for enforcing state law and offering the state government advice on legal matters”.

Across the U.S., 27 attorney generals are Republican and 23 Democrats.

There are six Republican candidates competing in the August 2 primary for Arizona’s office.  Three of them are women.

Lacy Cooper, served as a state and federal prosecutor according to her campaign website.  It lists her priorities as securing the border and protecting neighborhoods.

Rodney Glassman promises to protect you from the government.  His campaign website highlights his views on border policy, supporting police departments, election fraud, and what he calls protecting Arizonans from the Biden/Harris administration.

Retired Arizona Supreme Court Justice Andrew W. Gould claims he is the candidate with the most experience for the job.  His campaign website has a strong family vibe and states that Gould has stepped away from his Supreme Court seat to show his commitment to becoming Attorney General.

Dawn Grove supports Donald Trump’s border wall.  Her campaign website reveals the local attorney’s Grandfather founded Phoenix golf giant, PING Manufacturing and until now, that she has not run for any public office.

Abraham Hamadeh boasts that he is endorsed by former president Donald Trump.  His campaign website tells about his Army Reserve service and his experience as a former Maricopa County prosecutor.

Tiffany Shedd has a 14-point border plan.  Her campaign website spotlights her proximity to border issues, living in Pinal County, and has a strong second amendment vibe.

Libertarian Michael Kielsky is conducting a write-in campaign.