Incumbent Ginny Dickey opposed by former Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Fountain Hills Mayor race


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It’s Ginny Dickey vs. Joe Arpaio for Fountain Hills Mayor

Ole Olafson, Reporter

Update: This story was updated on July 14 to reflect that Gerry Friedel is currently serving as Vice Mayor.

There are no term limits in Fountain Hills, AZ.

According to the city’s website, six councilmembers serve 4-year terms that are staggered.  The Mayor is elected every two years.

Additionally, there is a position of Vice Mayor, currently held by Gerry Friedel that is not listed among the city’s elected officials, so it will be assumed that the post is appointed.

Even Arizona voters who do not reside in Fountain Hills will likely be paying much closer attention to the city’s mayoral race than usual.  One of the town’s best-known residents, former Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio, will be opposing incumbent Ginny Dickey in the Primary Election on August 2.

In an Arizona Republic story by Sam Kmack published on July 7, both candidates replied to questions regarding the FH mayor race.

Dickey pointed to her long-standing commitment as a FH resident as proof that she is qualified to continue as mayor.

Claiming eight years of service on the Fountain Hills School Board, another eight years on the Town Council, and being elected Mayor in 2018.  She says the skills she has learned through this service, including diplomacy, budgeting, infrastructure and balancing development with the natural environment will serve the community well.

Dickey claims on her campaign site that her priorities have not changed since being elected mayor.

Putting FH residents first, creating a safe environment, promoting economic growth while maintaining financial balance, preserving the “hometown character” of FH and ensuring diversity are all listed as top concerns by Dickey.

In the same Arizona Republic story, Arpaio contends that his tenure as Sherriff and experience operating and budgeting the department makes him qualified for Mayor.  In his statement to the Republic, he claims to have “caused the arrest of thousands of illegal immigrants and drug traffickers at the border and the United States” and that he “will continue these policies as mayor”.

Arpaio says on his campaign site that ensuring public safety, controlling spending, keeping taxes low, promoting economic growth and job creation, as well as holding local government accountable will be his top priorities if elected.